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"I loved it - witty dialogue, complex world [particularly for a novella length work], and great characters with a relationship driven plot"
~Cindy's Reviews @GoodReads


"This was a phenomenally entertaining paranormal read. Xakara has managed to create a completely in depth world, with rules, laws, and of course characters that you wouldn’t normally find in an erotic romance novel or novella.


This was a hot book. I loved that all of the characters were so detailed and fully fleshed out. I could see each clearly and loved them for all their traits, both good and bad. Xakara did a great job creating extremely hot scenes and the ending was beautiful and left it open for discussion… Nope, not telling you what that means! I highly recommend A Way to a Dragon’s Heart and any future Therian World novels."

~ARE Cafe's Review @ GoodReads


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